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Ray Ban Hiker Classic Sunglasses

Ray-Ban Rayban classic sunglasses originated in the retro Wayfarer series of the 50s, translated as a series of hikers. When Audrey Hepburn appeared in Tiffany’s Breakfast with this kind of glasses; when President Kennedy wore Ray-Ban sunglasses in public, this series had already swept the world. Today, the Ray-Ban Rayban Trekkers Sunglasses still look full of tide and become a must-have for Hollywood stars.

Ray-Ban Rayban Hiker’s lenses are extremely light-blocking and can block 100% of harmful UV rays while filtering out harmful rays such as infrared rays. The design and manufacture of the frames is also excellent, and it makes people comfortable to wear under any circumstances. The temple design is very stylish. Feel smooth and textured, very personal and handsome to wear, mirror body light, very delicate. As a fashion dress or casual shopping, are a good match.

Brand Story: Ray-Ban sunglasses are a symbol of American culture. Ray Ban English is called Ray Ban, Ray is glare, Ban is blocking, blocking the dazzling light is the essence of sunglasses. In the first half of the 20th century, wearing a pair of Bayban sunglasses was a big show in the entertainment industry. Gary Grant and Audrey Hepburn were all loyalties.

Ray-Ban Clubmaster in alluminio

Ray-Ban Clubmaster in Aluminium is both retro and timeless, especially for a generation that grew with its classic curved line style, as well as young and confident individuals who first discovered this iconic figure.

The original glasses were originally designed in the 1950s, and the new Ray-Ban Clubmaster in Aluminium features a unique matte aluminum frame. The contrast between the matt aluminum material and the bright nose bridge and the iconic rivet design give this new design a balance and simplicity.

Aluminum is a soft, durable, lightweight, tough plastic material. The excellence lies in its low density and corrosion resistance. The temples are wavy and modern. The thinner frame, light texture, durability and high resistance are the main features of this unique version. Currently sold are silver, bronze, black, bronze, with crystal lenses, and polarized lenses are also available.

Get ready for this summer: Ray-Ban Clubmaster in Aluminium will be available at Sunglass Hut, the world’s top retailer and official website from June.

The special history of Ray Ban

Ray-Ban is said to be a big hit. It was originally an aviator sunglasses. It was born thanks to the US Air Force Lieutenant John MacCready. The pilot who drove the small aircraft across the Atlantic in 1923 knocked on the Bausch & Lomb Company one day. The door. The flying career brought a sense of speed to the “wind man” and also caused irreversible damage to his binoculars. In order to continue his career, he asked Bausch & Lomb to create a pair of goggles for him. So, the Bausch & Lomb company began to develop sunglasses in accordance with the Air Force’s request. Ray-Ban sunglasses were born.

During the World War II, American pilots wearing leather jackets and novel and unique Ray-Ban sunglasses appeared around the world. Their splendid image has greatly enhanced the popularity of Ray-Ban sunglasses in the world. Ray-Ban sunglasses, which had experienced World War II, became one of the symbols of the US military. As a fashion product after the war ended, it quickly swept the globe.

With the passage of time, sunglasses have become more and more popular, and have gradually changed from fashion accessories to the must-haves of everyday life. In the mid-1980s, Tom Cruise used the classic Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses in the Top Gun, setting off another wave of Ray Ban sunglasses. Since then, in recognition of Raybee’s outstanding contribution to fashion, the American Fashion Association has awarded him a very heavy design award.

RAY BAN New Media Event

Luxottica Group is a global leader in high-end eyewear products and the owner of Ray-Ban, a famous sunglasses brand. The group recently announced that the Ray-Ban Ray-Ban brand Never Hide communication platform has launched a new event – Never Hide What You’re Made Of (without hiding, born of “material”).

This media activity was formally launched today. The most eye-catching part is the seven creative photos taken by famous photographer Mark Seliger (and one will be released later this year), which fully explains Ray-Ban. Ray-Ban brand’s core spirit: to break the tradition and never hide. These eight photos vividly captured the wonderful moments of several characters, demonstrating how they performed the mission of pioneers and subversives in their daily lives.

This is Seliger’s third shot of the Never Hide event for the brand in New York and Los Angeles. In his mind, “This event is a collaboration to create a visual picture of the new Ray-Ban Ray-Ban product line. It feels like this It was like acting as a photographer in the film of director Kubrick. The narration of Erik Vervroegen’s narrative was humorous and ironic, and it was amazing. I had a trusting relationship with Erik and Erika Ferszt, helping me Achievement of the finest photography.”

Ray-Ban Launches Upgraded Pilot Sunglasses

Luxottica Group, the owner of Ray-Ban, announced that Ray-Ban has launched the latest Never Hide communications platform – not hidden, convinced and changed. The focus of this campaign was a group of creative photography by famous photographer and video producer Cheryl Dunn. This series of photos is full of love. Never Hide’s spirit of breaking the idol and asserting oneself is the essence of Ray-Ban.

The protagonists in the photo play a pioneering role in daily life. They constantly open up, break stereotypes, refuse to follow the crowd, and are ready to meet changes. The protagonists in these photos are telling you their first faithful and changing story. The new glasses series is designed for people who are eager to show their individuality, refuse to prevail, and boldly show their self. With traditional style and modern attitude, they will create quality products for supporters of Ray-Ban’s past, present and future.

The classic Ray-Ban Aviator launched a new upgraded material and color scheme. The brass-like effect gives the metal frame a vintage patina effect, contrasting with the modern appearance of the brightly colored mirror lenses. It is an indispensable trend piece this summer. This style is optional: semi-bright brushed bronze with gray purple, red, lilac or blue mirror lenses.

Ray-Ban announces Zhang Yixing as the first brand spokesperson in China

Since its inception, Ray-Ban has always supported and encouraged young people to express their truest self. It has become the most sought-after genius in the music, fashion, and film industries. It has produced a unique and far-reaching influence on global culture and lifestyle. The influence eventually evolved into the classical symbol of the fashion field. As one of the most influential stars in China at the moment, Zhang Yixing has always been dedicated to the pursuit of personal dreams. In the face of flowers and applause, he has been making unremitting efforts. He is fearless in the face of doubts and challenges and is always loyal to the truest voice in his heart. Its “Young, Energetic, Fearless, True Self” image perfectly fits with Ray Ban’s brand spirit. With his perseverance in the performing arts and constant exploration of his own style, Zhang Yixing has become a worthy example of youth while gaining extraordinary achievements. He is the best interpreter of Ray-Ban DNA, who insists on “Keeping true to me”.

Talking about this cooperation, Zhang Yixing, Ray-Ban Greater China brand spokesperson, said: “I always like Ray-Ban sunglasses because Ray-Ban’s every new design can become a leading trend indicator. I am deeply honored to cooperate deeply with such classic internationally-known eyewear brands, and in my opinion, the best way to interpret the spirit of Ray-Ban is to be true and true and to have your own Ray-Ban glasses. I come together ‘to be true’ and actively and fearlessly move forward with my dreams.”

“Ray Ban encourages and supports each generation of young people to show true self and enjoy their lives – this has become the brand’s unchanging mission. This time Zhang Yixing became the first brand spokesperson in Greater China and not only showed Ray-Ban to a new generation of consumers in China. He deeply understands and hopes to pass the “classic, innovative, and fearless” Ray-Ban spirit to every young person who pursues dreams through Zhang Yixing’s true personality and success story.” Lu Xun Tec Group Retail Greater China District President Alessandro Donadelli stated: “On the world’s fashion, fashion, music and cultural stage, Ray-Ban has worked together with numerous superstars to create countless classic legends. I believe that this cooperation with Zhang Yixing is also destined to be the beginning of the next legend.”

Ray-Ban’s exciting holiday season is coming soon

With the arrival of autumn and winter, Ray-Ban Ray-Ban’s exciting holiday season will soon be cool debut. As the leading brand of eyewear that leads the global fashion trend, Ray-Ban uses the innovative avant-garde brushstrokes, combined with outstanding colorfulness and unique colors, to bring a variety of high-profile hot new products for this year’s autumn and winter fashion season – Dai Lei. Friends, let your unique personality and charming ideas instantly present, the most real and stylish Ray-Ban, let you fear without change!

Mix and match are not afraid! Ray-Ban has lived up to the reputation of its greatest mirror-making brand and displayed its timeless fashion classics – the pilot’s models – with a lively design perspective. At the same time, the Blaze Suns series, which has become a new focus of fashion at the time of its debut, incorporates ultra-flat mirror lenses and a novel framework to incorporate trendy visual and tactile experiences, making the idols in the idol even more remarkable.

Immediately after the debut is the unique personality of the two-beam glasses, with a new color combination and light gradient lenses, the designer will inject the bohemian elements into the novel design, contains innovation, also demonstrates Ray-Ban break through the traditional Innovation and pioneering spirit.

Marshal, a brand-new fashion leader who is widely sought after, now uses a novel metal framework to interpret the new definition of fashion from different perspectives.

In the new metal frame optics series, Clubmaster Party and Clubround party mirrors are trimmed with a transparent or striped upper edge, making this a must-have item for this year’s fashionistas and trendsetters.

Ray Ban VS Oakley – Both Popular


Cheap Sunglasses Outlet are trend setters aural artist appearance eyewear accessories and accordingly are consistently awfully stylish. Ray Ban Shades are alike with affluence as able-bodied as quality, and is broadly admired as a cachet attribute because of their affected superior designs. Its the majority of acclaimed sunglass models cover wrap-around contacts, adventurous colors with fair tones and adult decorations, which tend to be consistently inspiring, able and appropriate above time.

Oakley Inc. is a aggregation based in Foothill Ranch, California and it is a aggregation which started out with an avant-garde man in his garage. One of the a lot of acclaimed inventions from this aggregation is the Oakley Glasses which are sunglasses that are acclimated by athletes all over the apple and are a allotment of US Army Authorized Protective Eyewear List. These glasses accept rims which are accurately advised to be ablaze on the face but which anchor about the aerial so that they don’t abatement of in case of abrupt movements.

Additionally, the lenses can be acclimatized to any affectionate of ablaze and can accept custom tints activated to them. For those who abrasion decree eyewear, the M Frame Oakley glasses can aswell use ophthalmic lenses for any decree bare by the wearer. The accomplished set is a admired collectable if you are a fan of Oakley products.


Another achievement that has fabricated the aggregation a baton on the bazaar is the accord with the U.S. Armed Forces. Oakley Standard Issue is a band distinctively advised for government customers, which is not accessible in approved stores. The articles are created to ensure safety, achievement and abundance for the eyes of those who are attention the country. Oakley M Frame sunglasses are a allotment of the US Army Authorized Protective Eyewear List and they are anticipation to be able abundant to abide the force of a bullet. The aggressive copy is congenital from Plutonite, the aforementioned lens actual as the one from the copy for civilians.

Oakley sunglasses oulet accept to be apparently the a lot of fashionable glasses on the exchange today, the cast name itself sticks out amidst the antagonism and spells top superior and style. The architect of those high-end superior sunglasses is the getting himself Oakley who is by after agnosticism able-bodied accepted throughout the appearance industry.

Sunglasses fabricated by Oakley vs Ray Ban arise to be everyone’s best if cerebration architecture and quality, with assorted shapes and styles which will amuse all age groups in the adolescent bearing to the added abundant talked about and complete getting such as Hollywood’s aristocratic celebrities to the money authoritative business owners. With this cast of glasses you accept to bethink you are affairs top superior sunglasses here.


Ray Ban Sunglasses outlet and Eyewear collections could possibly get you noticed wherever you tend to be. However, getting one of apparently the a lot of approved for eyewear accessories, there are abundant of bargain knock-offs or replicas of Ray Ban Sunglasses on the bazaar today. Due to this, analysis the a lot of accurate brace of Ray Ban Sunglasses becomes an acutely difficult mission. During such a book online shops can action a getting with one-stop aboriginal Ray Ban Shades and frames and decree contacts.

Each blazon of Ray Ban and Oakley sunglasses has a altered alternative if it comes to the blush of the lens. You can get Oakley sunglasses to fit the admeasurement of your eyes and you can add your eyewear decree if you abode your adjustment online. If you are not abiding what your eye admeasurement is to advice you adjustment the sun glasses correctly, the advice is included on the website to advice you.

Ray Ban aviator sunglasses for 2016 summer


Ray ban sunglasses are fashion eyewear and don’t crave appropriate introduction. Celebrities, cine stars and sportsmen accept beat them as their adopted eyewear and this has led to their unparallel popularity.

One of Ray Ban outlet iconic creations charcoal as the foldable sunglass. But it’s added than just a anatomic eyewear today, it’s a appearance statement. These accept now been fabricated accessible with bright lenses, mirror finish/ reflector lenses that are beautiful and trendy.

Ray Ban aviator sunglasses had accustomed in the 30’s which were about acclimated by pilots. Moreover, Tom Cruise aswell gave a addition to its acceptance with his blur ‘Top Gun’. These shades are not just for acceptable your appearance address but aswell for attention your eyes from the adverse application of the sun. You can portray your bathrobe appearance in a beginning new attending with Ray ban aviators.

With absolute administration and chaste patterns this cast of shades has soared to abundant heights of popularity. The cast commits to action appearance and appearance to the fashionistas of the society. All ray ban aviators outlet action attenuate metal temples which acclaim altered face shape. They can applesauce up your personality and accord you a accomplished new look. The superior of the cast relies aloft its optical characteristics.

Aviators are the aboriginal best for humans with an alive lifestyle. While there has been a huge chic for campaign too the aviators accept remained the a lot of adopted appearance always.

Ray Ban – High Fashion Sun shades Style


Created in 1952, Ray Ban has become one of abounding top architecture houses on earth. Originally accepted as Ray Ban bros, the aggregation was centered alone in Italy with Mario Ray Ban on the helm, but over time the address has advance throughout the world. Today, the aggregation is accepted for abounding top appearance items which includes Ray Ban sunglasses.

The bank bum seem. You’re never traveling to accomplish out of beaches in Australia forth with your summer will not absolutely be complete with out a quick cruise to the accurate beach. When on the accurate beach, your Ray Ban sunglasses Outlet Quarterly address will not just serve as a accessible accessory; it will aswell advance your eyes adequate from the adverse sun.

Cheap Ray Ban sunglasses are congenital to accommodate absolute aegis for the eyes of the person. It comes with accomplished UV aegis so that although you may break for continued hrs below absolute heat, you don’t charge to anguish about anything. And what bigger band-aid to abrasion your Ray Ban sun shades Australia that by analogous it application a nice two-piece? Stroll over the shores, sunbathe, adore your alleviation below a attic timberline in the nice bikini that flatters your arrangement and top off the accouterments with cat-eye Ray Ban sun shades Australia. Cat-eye frames complements abounding face shapes so you’re affirmed to analysis acceptable in them.

No amount what appearance you are searching for, Ray Ban Outlet UK sunglasses accept ability and appearance that may fit any person’s trend. In accession to their accurate admirable shades, you aswell can accouter out your accumulating with added Ray Ban components. There isn’t a absolute to how abounding shades you can accept got. Sometimes it’s nice undertake a brace for anniversary accoutrements you wear.

Ray Ban sun shades action different administration and aswell effortless cool. Giving you the befalling to abrasion a cast in which looks cool contemporary and aswell appropriately elegant, Ray Ban eyewear is a have to if you are austere about getting elegant. Whether you’re searching apropos simple and beautiful or conceivably ultra glamorous, Ray Ban Sale can address to all tastes. As just about the a lot of accepted cast extensions apropos Ray Ban, the sunglasses ambit is accepted and in demand. If you’re aggravating to acquisition affluence artist sunglasses again Ray Ban could be the cast to buy.